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industrial / product design


A cluster of 16 custom made bucket spinner playground seats of various sizes lie empty and silent. As one person finds a seat suited to them and begins to spin,1/16 of a musical score begins to play.As another participant begins to spin, another segment of the score is heard, aligning seamlessly with the already audible track.As natural light fades, the seats begin to glow internally, triggered by the seat’s activity.This continues until all 16 seats are spinning simultaneously, only then will the soundscape be heard in its entirety. The joy that exudes from playgrounds is universal. The grins and laughter that a slippery dip or a bucket spinner seat spark, transcend any generational, socio-economic or cultural barriers. HEXADECA encourages this multi-generational, all-inclusive play. Through agile design and a diverse soundscape created by leading Australian musicians, HEXADECA can be adapted to suit a diverse range of presentation formats. 

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